Updated Attendance Policy

**Our attendance policy has been updated.**

There has been a large increase in late arrivals and sub-less absences lately. It affects the group productivity every time this occurs, so today we voted and approved an update to the bylaws as follows:

1) If you arrive after the infomercials begin, you will be considered late.

2) If you arrive after the speaker begins, you will be considered absent.

3) If you leave after the speaker ends, you will also be considered absent.

The reasoning behind this is that it is disrespectful to whomever is speaking when someone walks in late and it is distracting to the other members who are trying to listen. This is a referral group, so if you are not there to listen to the referrals that other members are asking for, or not there to ask for your own referrals, then what is the point?


1) 2 late arrivals in a quarter will count an absence

2) 3 absences in a quarter will open up your seat in the group to someone else in your industry

Concerned that this may affect you? Easy solution: show up on time and if you’re not going to be there, send a sub. We understand that there are extenuating circumstances, i.e. putting kids on the bus, busy times of year, car trouble, etc. etc. etc., which is why everyone still has 3 absences per quarter before an issue occurs. Remember, a sub counts as being present at the meeting and will NOT use up one of your absences. Therefore, this really should not be an issue if you are a participating member of the group.

This will be effective as of the first meeting in April.

We are, in general, a relatively lax group and we would like that to continue. However, as Dr. Joe wisely pointed out, we cannot allow that to be our detriment. Any concerns? I’m open to any and all questions.