Thank-You Note Etiquette For Business

As outmoded as pen and paper may be these days, there are certainly times when a handwritten thank-you note is quite appropriate, especially in the business world. Here are some quick points on the timing and effectiveness of a thank-you notes in the business world:

Time Frame

  • As quickly as possible – either the same day or day after the meeting
  • For best results, sent while the meeting is still fresh in the sender’s mind


  • Shows the sender values the opportunity
  • Illustrates attention to detail
  • Demonstrates ability to follow through on tasks

The writing of thank-you notes is an etiquette step that is often overlooked, and even deemed unnecessary in many scenarios. This is a common misconception, though, and a good amount of lost opportunities may be won over by such simple gestures of personal care. If a thank-you note is ever in doubt, we encourage people to err on the side of safety and send a thank-you anyway – it definitely can’t hurt!