Meeting Minutes – 9/29/16

Great meeting this morning CTN!!  At 7 AM we only had 5 members present.  We were also light overall with 14 members present.  Please try to make an effort to get there on time or send a sub if you will not be there!

Congrats to me (again) for winning the 7 AM door prize!!  Hat trick achieved, woohoo!!  Now if only that luck would transition to the Mega Millions…

We had one sub and one guest speaker today—David Wolf with Just Solutions subbing for Bob Ruhland and Leslie Bamann of Finger Lakes Innovation speaking for Chris P.

Thank you Chris for bringing Leslie!  She is a wealth of knowledge and it was great to get business insight from her.

Next week’s speaker will be Dr. Joe.

Next week’s education will be Chris P.

Be sure to set up 1 on 1s!



-John is pouring wine at:

-CB’s Fall Festival of Ales Oct 1st

-Oct 29th– Halloween party at Argyle Grill; Rock It Science will be playing

-Visit for upcoming seminars—see Lisa if you are interested in more detail

-Opening this Friday:  Grapery Bakery Café (next door to John’s)