Meeting Minutes – 9/15/16

Great meeting this morning CTN!!  Truly, one of our more entertaining meetings to date…

At 7 AM we had 8 members present.  Congrats to me for winning the 7 AM door prize!!


We had one guest and one sub:

  • Tom Fortunado from Fitness Motivation subbing for Jeremy
  • Damon Tilbe from The Tint Shop

Great talk Michael—good to know our accounts are safe and secure in the arms of the big credit card companies…

Next week’s speaker will be Jim.

Next week’s education will be Michael.

Be sure to set up 1 on 1s!

We received an application from Damon, which will be reviewed by membership and discussed with the group next week.



John is pouring wine at:

  • Locust Hill tonight
  • Ryan’s tomorrow from 4-7
  • Grape fest 9/24-9/25

Rochester Fringe Festival 9/15 – 9/24