Meeting Minutes – 8/31/2023

Good meeting last week CTN!!

Meeting Recap

⏰ 7AM Club: Bob, Chad, Chris P, Jamie , Jeremy, Jim, John D, Rich, Todd, Tony
🏆 Congratulations to Tony for winning the 7AM door prize!

Attendance: 85% –  Please send a sub if you are unable to make the meeting!

QTD Perfect Attendance: 14 members
From Chris R for Eric:
Nine sources of advantage:

Raw talent/intelligence – Some people are just naturally better and smarter.
Hard work – Some people work harder.
Differentiation – Seeing the world differently. Doing something different. Reading different books. Interpreting the same information differently.
Process / Discipline – Creating a process and following it. Working out every day is a great example.
Talent Collector – The ability to hire the best people and get the most out of them.
Patience – A lack of patience changes the outcome.
Ability to take pain – Are you willing to look like an idiot to get better? How much risk are you willing to take, AND, importantly, can you handle the losses?
Temperament – Keeping your head when everyone else is losing theirs.

Most of these are within your control.

Farnham Street Brain Food email 2023-08-20

Next Meeting
🗣️ Speaker will be Lisa Pelletier
💡 Educator will be Shawn Gee


📅 Announcements & Events


  • Sep 8, Arbor Hill Tasting at Lisa’s Liquor Barn. See John F to help with running the tasting
  • Sep 10: Bachti Barn, Macedon (See Chris P for details)
  • Sep 16 Arbor Hill Tasting at Market. See John F to help with running the tasting
  • Sep 20 Sound Journey (See Chris P for details)
  • Sep 23, 24: Grape Festival
  • Nov 17: Alive and Well Fundraiser at Artisan Works

Since this is my last Sgt@Arms email, did you read it? Let me know!


Arbor Hill Discount Code — for CTN members only!

  • Wednesdays: Bingo at Fairport VFW. Doors open at 6:30p, Games start at 7:15p.
  • Medicare EASY & Health Insurance EASY Medicare 101 Educational Events