Meeting Minutes – 8/24/2023

Good meeting this week CTN!

Meeting Recap

⏰ 7AM Club: Chad, Jamie , Jim, Michelle, Todd, Tony
🏆 Congrats to Jim for winning the 7 AM door prize!

Attendance: 89% –  Please send a sub if you are unable to make the meeting!

QTD Perfect Attendance: 14 members
Subs and Guests

Connor subbing for Vicki
Calvin subbing for Shawn
Josh subbing for Zack
Rob subbing for Dave
Wendy subbing for Rich

From Vicki:
Word-of-mouth is more effective than traditional advertising
In a nutshell, the 6 STEPPS to Creating Contagious Content are:

• Social currency: People share products/ideas that make them appear smart, cool or informed. Create social currency by (i) making your product/idea remarkable, (ii) leveraging game mechanics and (iii) by using scarcity and exclusivity.

• Triggers: People tend to talk about whatever’s at the top of their minds. Create effective triggers that meet 3 criteria: (i) Frequency, (ii) Relevance, and (iii) Context.

• Emotion: Both positive & negative emotions can spur action, so long as they trigger a high level of arousal. Use this principle to find your emotional hook or leverage situational factors for emotional arousal.

• Public: We’re more likely to discuss and imitate something that’s public and observable. Create Social Proof using (i) self-advertising and (ii) behavioral residue.

• Practical Value: People like to help others. We’ll pass on content with practical value that’ll benefit the recipients. Highlight incredible value and package your content accordingly.

• Stories: Stories are a fast and easy way for people to pass on lots of information in a vivid, engaging and persuasive way. Embed your product/idea in a captivating story and ensure your brand/message is integral to the story.

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Next Meeting

🗣️ Speaker will be Shawn Gee

💡 Educator will be Eric Szulgit


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  • Sep 10: Bachti Barn, Macedon (See Chris P for details)
  • Sept 23, 24: Grape Festival


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  • Wednesdays: Bingo at Fairport VFW. Doors open at 6:30p, Games start at 7:15p.
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