Meeting Minutes – 8/15/2019

Hello CTN! Great meeting this morning!

By 7am we had 11 of 20 members present, subs included.

Please do your best to be in the meeting room by 7AM! It affects the rest of the meeting, and ultimately our success!


Today we had 95% attendance. Let’s hit 100% next week!

Members, your seat is valuable! Please make sure you do your best to get a sub!


Today’s Meeting

🤝 Subs & Guests:

Terry James | Medicare-EASY & HealthInsurance-EASY | Sub for John French

John DiSanto | GRB Mortgage | Pending New Member! (Introduced by Bob Ruhland)


🗣️ Speaker:
Thank you Jeremy for showcasing all of your safety products and how you approach making the working world a safer place!

Everyone be sure to book a 1-on-1 with Jeremy to learn how you can help grow his business!


💡 Educator:

Thank you to Eric for the great education in quizzing us on your networking behavior!

Here is the list of questions to focus on. Have you:

  • Done a one-on-one every week?
  • Worn your name tag?
  • Have you brought a guest?
  • Followed up up with a guest?
  • Arrived before 7AM?
  • Networked with others before the meeting?
  • Added a name to your sub list?
  • Stayed present, keeping your phone or tablet off during the meeting?


Next Week’s Meeting

🗣️ Speaker will be John French!

💡 Educator will be Jeremy Starr!


Announcements & Events

  • Fri 8/16 @ Argyle Grill – Rock-It-Science (Come see their new drummer!)
  • Sat 8/17 @ St. Patrick’s Church In Victor – Rock-It-Science Playing for St. Patrick’s
  • Tue 9/30 – 4th Annual Red Solo Cup Golf Tournament to benefit Rochester Spinal Association