Meeting Minutes – 7/9/15

Today was a great meeting team, even though we were light on members…

7am we only had 4 Members (Congratulations Tony for winning the 7am door prize, lunch at the Kilt)

1 Sub – Linda from Orin’s office

Great talk Jeremy, I was amazed at how well you handled the pressure…J

Next week education will be from Jeremy

Next week we will be meeting offsite at Rene’s Café at the corner of O’Conner & Whitney Road

Be sure to set up 1 on 1’s to grow everyone’s business



The Midvale Invitational is the next week.  We will be meeting at Rene’s Café on the corner of O’Conner & Whitney Rd

July 14th Orin will be playing Ontario Beach Park opening for Jaws, Orin starts at 7 Jaws starts at 9

July 23rd Orin will be playing Highland Bowl opening for Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

August 7th – Golf at Reservoir Creek & Picnic at Brew & Brats