Meeting Minutes – 7/28/16

Great meeting today, 7am we had 9 members with many more arriving before 7:05. Congratulations Orin for winning the 7am door prize, Lunch J

I would like to thank everyone for their attention this morning and I am very excited for my new job (If you could not already tell…) I hope everyone has a better understanding of what I am selling after this morning (Bring on the referrals J)

Next week’s speaker is scheduled to be Tom Mastro

Next week’s education will be from Jeremy

Below is the new leadership for CTN…

President: Michelle
Vice President: Chris P
Secretary: Dr. Tara
Treasurer: Lisa


  • Eric
  • John
  • Bob
  • Chris R
  • Tony

Social Committee:

  • Jim
  • Dr. Tara
  • Eric

Closing Quote: Bob