Meeting Minutes – 7/27/2017

Great meeting this morning CTN!! At 7 AM we had 7 members present.

We had one sub today- Michelle Surace subbing for Eric.

Congrats to Brian for winning the 7 AM door prize!!

Great talk this morning Michael—I nominate you to inject us all with our credit card microchips.

Next week’s speaker is Jim.

Next week’s education will be Michael.

Be sure to set up 1 on 1s!



-Saturday- Rock It Science playing at Brew N Brats

-August 3rd- Rock It Science playing at the B-Side

-August 3rd- Branca Midtown hosting Midtown Eats- See Trip for more details

-August 10 & 11- Global Leadership Summit- see Bob for details

-August 12 & 13- NYS Wine Festival in Canandaigua; John pouring wine both days

-August 16th- CTN skydiving day

-August 26th- Rock It Science playing at Highland Bowl, opening for Rogue One (the movie)