Meeting Minutes – 7/25/2019

Hello CTN! Great meeting this morning!

At 7am we had 9 members present. Let’s hit 10+ next week!

Please do your best to be in the meeting room by 7AM! It affects the rest of the meeting, and ultimately our success!

Today we had 95% attendance. Let’s hit 100% next week!

Members, your seat is valuable! Please make sure you do your best to get a sub!

Today’s Meeting

🗣️ Speaker
Thank you Todd for updating us on your cash flow collections capabilities and the Trusted Advisor Program (“TAP”)!

To sign up as a TSI Trusted Advisor with Todd, please go to:

Everyone be sure to book a 1-on-1 with Vicki to learn how you can help grow her business!

💡 Educator

Thank you to Vicki for the education on five key aspects to effectively networking at events.

Per, they are:

  1. Know Your Specific Purpose
  2. Communicate Powerfully
  3. Be Active
  4. Follow Up
  5. Stay In Touch

📍 Meeting Location Updates

Venue Member Status Price Ammenities/Notes
Midvale Todd Waiting $11.50/head Tea/Coffee, Continental Breakfast
YMCA Penfield Michelle Possible $50/hour ($100/wk) Room only (coffee, etc. needed)
Shadow Lake Vicki Possible $250/week Tea/Coffee, Continental Breakfast (no fruit)
Perinton Ambulance Bob Waiting ? ?
Fairport Mechants Association Jeremy/Bob? ? ? ?
Woodcliff Jeremy Prob Out Likely $$$ TBD
Hampton Inn Penfield Orin Out
Marriott Penfield Chris R. Out
Hilton Garden Chris P. Out
Wegmans Penfield Dan Out Don’t offer a room
Wegmans Pittsford Dan Out $450/week Too expensive
Country Inn Michelle Out
Eaglevale Orin Out Only available 8 months/year
Joey’s Pasta House Vicki Out $400/week Too expensive
Jeremiah’s Fairport Vicki Out


  • No more than $200/meeting ($10/head) for everything included.
  • Spacious-enough to accommodate current size plus growth (~30 people or so)
  • Within about 3 miles from the Midvale/Fairport area, per the map below:


Next Week’s Meeting
Speaker will be Eric Szulgit!
Educator will be Todd Metcalfe!
Next Week’s Meeting Location
Location Updated coming by email + text ASAP
Announcements & Events
  • 7/27-28 (Sat & Sun) Arbor Hill Grapery @ Lakefront Arts Festival (Kershaw Park in Canandaigua) – John Needs Wine Pourers!
  • 8/6 (Tue) Rock-It-Science @ Cruise Night in Fairport (by Box Factory)
  • 8/16 (Fri) Rock-It-Science @ Argyle Grill (Come see their new drummer!)
  • 9/30 (Tue) 4th Annual Red Solo Cup Golf Tournament to benefit Rochester Spinal Association – John French looking for golf partners!