Meeting Minutes 7/16/2020

Last Week’s Meeting
⏰ 7AM Club: Chad (4x), Dan, John F, Michelle (12x), Jim (7x), Orin, Todd (2x), Trip (2x)
👨‍👨‍👧‍👦  Attendance: 70%
🤝 Subs & Guests:
Prospective Member: Lisa Sampsell, Security101 | Sponsor: Eric Szulgit
🗣️ Speaker: Dan Bryson
Thank you, Dan, for detailing what real estate law has been like through these challenging time, and for getting the speaker rotation going again!
Everyone be sure to book a 1-on-1 with Dan to learn how you can help grow his business!
💡 Educator: More Dan…!
🍻 1-on-1’s: 9 – EVERYONE BOOK A 1-ON-1!
💵 Receipts: $1,800 (total from previous 4 months TBD)
📝Referrals: 6
Next Meeting
🗣️ Speaker will be John DiSanto!
💡 Educator will be Dan Bryson!
📅 Announcements & Events
  • To-Be-Updated Tomorrow!