Meeting Minutes – 7/12/2018

Great meeting this morning CTN!! At 7 AM we had 10 members present.

Congrats to Tony for winning the 7 AM door prize today!

Great talk Chad—all joking and political views aside, your speech today was very important with regard to gun safety and we appreciate you taking the time to discuss it with the group.

Next week’s meeting is at Riki’s at 7:00. Do not go to Midvale, we won’t be there. This meeting will be part of regular attendance.

Be sure to set up 1 on 1s!



-Tonight: John pouring wine at Lisa’s Liquor Barn from 4-7

-Tonight: G. Love and Special Sauce playing at Party in the Park

-Sat: Chad’s last day at the gun store; see him if you want to shoot/discuss guns/buy guns/etc.

-Next Wed & Thurs: Rich will be at the racetrack; see him if you want to join him for a ride

-Jul 27: Rock It Science playing at the Argyle Grill

-Aug 1: Rock It Science playing at VB Brewery from 5:30-7:30?; all proceeds go to Golisano Children’s Hospital

-Every Thursday: Vicki’s son hosting Open Mic Night @ Spot Coffee—if you know of any acts that are interested, send them her way

-There is a Midvale summer membership special; see Todd if you are interested in a membership