Meeting Minutes – 6/1/2017

Great meeting this morning CTN!!

At 7 AM we had 5 members present.  At 7:15 we had 8 members and 1 sub present, which is 47% of the group, or in other words, less than half.  I am challenging everyone to set their alarm 15 minutes earlier than normal next week in order to ensure you are on time.  It is not fun speaking to an empty room, and defeats the purpose of “open networking” when there is no one to network with.

Congrats to me for winning the 8 AM door prize!!  (YAY MORE WINE)

Great talk this morning John—we are all very glad to see you’ve found your true passion!

Next week’s speaker is Tony.

Next week’s education will be John.

Be sure to set up 1 on 1s!


-Saturday- Rock-It Science playing at Dryer Road Park for the Bike Club from 10:30-3:30

-June 2-4 Fairport Canal Days- See Chris P./Bob for more details

-June 6th- SCORE workshop at the RBA building; see Lisa for details

-June 10- Ruhland Holiday Party

-June 10- Rock It Science playing at the Argyle Grill

-June 13th- Chris P. spinning progressive psychedelic music at the B-Side

-July 3rd- Rock It Science playing at the bike festival in Victor

-July 22nd- Tentative CTN skydive trip

-July 29th- Rock It Science playing at Brew N Brats