Meeting Minutes – 5/7/2020

Good Afternoon CTN!
Great meeting this morning! We had at least 16 people join the call!
CTN is still as strong as ever and we are all making great strides with our businesses!
For those who haven’t been able to make the meetings (Dr. Joe, Jim Baker, Brian Pierce), if there is anything I can do to help set you up to join, please let me know and we’ll make it happen!
For next week, we’ll be meeting same time, same place (7:00 AM, next Thursday via GoToMeeting), so please join us again!
This morning’s meeting notes & links:
  • Courtesy of Lisa, attached is a how-to for returning a stimulus check for a deceased person (Attachment: “To return a EIP.docx)
  • Courtesy of Michelle:


  New Idea: CTN Online Speaker Rotation

Do we have any volunteers to sign up to be video call presenters?
I’m thinking the presentations should be SHORT (10 minutes, 5-10 slides MAX); topics: your business, or business-related.
I’m willing to be on the list with whomever wants to volunteer!
Thank you everyone for your support. See you all online next week, and hopefully in-person soon enough!