Meeting Minutes – 5/30/2019

Hello CTN! Great meeting this morning!
At 7am we had 10 members present.
Please do your best to be here by 7AM! It affects the rest of the meeting, and ultimately our success!
Today we had 80% attendance. We can definitely do better!
Members, your seat is valuable! Please make sure you do your best to get a sub!
Today’s Meeting
🤝 Subs & Guests:
Stacy Hooper with Stacy Hoo Barbering & Esthetics| Guest of Chad Pino
🗣️ Speaker:
Thank you
Chris for the brilliant look at Zapier and how we can use it to help our businesses!
Everyone be sure to book a 1-on-1 with Chris to learn how you can help grow his business!
💡 Educator:
Thank you to Michelle for the etiquette guide on how to connect with others and get people to take your calls.
Here are Michelle’s notes on the how to go about it and what to say:
To Get Someone To Take Your Call
Have referee text the referral your digital business card to the referral.
Include a note:
I love that you’re willing to refer me to your friend.  I’d like you to take my contact and send it to him and tell him:
1) that I’m your advisor and I’m a genius,
2) tell them to save my contact  for when I call them, and
3) tell them to take my call and that it will be worth it.
“I’m extremely happy with my financial advisor, Michelle. I’ve attached her contact info. Make sure you save it in your phone. I told her to call you. Take her call, it will be worth it.”
Introductory emails (from referee to referral)
To the advisor and to the referral, no CC.
Subject line: Introduction
Body of email:
    Note to referral first: Mike, Michelle is my advisor and…
    Then to advisors:  Michelle, Mike is one of my longest standing professional friends and…
Michelle then replies all and requests when would be a good time to talk in this manner:
First line (make it yours): Gail has spoken very highly of you and I understand you have a good relationship.
Second line (exactly):  Send me some times you’re available in the next 2 weeks for a brief phone call.
Write the email and give it to the referee to send to the referral.
When someone is always busy:
I am going to set myself up as your professional nag.     You have told me you want to do this, so I am going on the assumption that you want to do this.
For everyone that hasn’t  responded/done anything:
One line email: Do you still need help with _____ ?
Subject line: Continuing our conversation
To find your favorite clients and duplicate them:
Tell them to invite people that they know that are like them
(specify what you are looking for:     ex. women consultants)
Host a speaker that could be a center of influence (COI) in a network space where you’d like to be a better COI yourself, and have them present on a topic that is relevant to them. This is not a client appreciation event, but you are doing this on a topic that is not your industry – something fun for the referee.
Next Meeting
🗣️ Speaker will be Jim Baker!
💡 Educator will be Chris Rimlinger!
In the meantime, be sure to setup 1-on-1’s!
Announcements & Events
  • 6/1-6/2 – Bob & Jeremy at Fairport Canal Days
  • 6/7 – Rock-It-Science @ Argyle Grill
  • 6/8 3pm ’till – Ruhland Summer Party (2 musical groups… more information forthcoming!)
  • 6/8 – Rock-It-Science @ Arbor Hill
  • 6/12 7:30a-10a – Diversity & Inclusion Seminar by the Rochester Business Ethics Foundation @ St. John Fisher College, Joseph S. Skalny Welcome Center, Board Room (2nd floor) – $40 Tickets at door (See Vicki for details!)
  • 6/20 7pm – Gong Bath With Chris Pedrone @ Thrive Yoga