Meeting Minutes – 5/17/2018

Great meeting this morning CTN!! At 7 AM we had 11 members and a sub present.

We had 2 subs today: Tom from Connect-A-Phone subbing for Eric

Terry James subbing for Chris R.

Congrats to Tony for winning the door prize today!

Great talk this morning Rich—seeing how Aflac works on paper to save costs and protect people from the unexpected was great to see.

Next week is our visitor’s day. Please everyone try to bring at least one guest.

Be sure to set up 1 on 1s!



Where in the world is John French pouring wine?

-May 24: Lisa’s liquor barn at 3:00

-May 24: CTN optional lunch at K2 Brewing in Webster at 10

-May 25-27: Szulgit MDW party at the cabin in Belmont, see Eric for directions

-May 26: Food Tasting at Red Bird Market from 9-12

-June 1-3: Fairport Canal Days, BBQ Friday at 4:30, Parade Saturday at 1:00 followed by live music at 6:00, Duck Race Sunday at 3:00, see Chris P. or Bob for more details

-Jun 9: Ruhland summer party from 3-???

-Jul 7: Rock It Science playing at Brew N Brats