Meeting Minutes – 3/30/2017

My email was broken yesterday and I’ve never felt so detached from the world.  Sorry for the delay…

Great meeting (yesterday) morning CTN!!  At 7 AM we had 7 members present.

Congrats to Jim for winning the 7 AM door prize!

Great talk Michelle!!!!!!  Feel free to set up a 1 on 1 with me so we can dissect the economy and bitch about the government together J.

Next week’s speaker will be Chris R.

Next week’s education will be Michelle.

Be sure to set up 1 on 1s!

April is HVAC and Travel agent month!  Try to think of some HVAC specialists or travel agents that you know or have met with and invite them to the group this month!


-Saturday-  John is pouring wine from 1-6 at the Buffalo Convention Center

-April 18th- Social Security Seminar at Locust Hill 5:30-7:30; See Michelle for more details

-April 22nd- Rock-It Science at the Argyle Grill from 8-11

-May 4th- Official Visitor’s Day;  Hannah Morgan will be speaking about marketing your business on social media

-May 13th- CTN Brew N Brats Bus Tour—Details to come

-June 10- Ruhland Holiday Party

-July 29th- Rock It Science playing at Brew N Brats