Meeting Minutes – 3/19/2015

Today was a great meeting team, I am excited with the energy we have lately and the direction we are going.

7am we had 6 Members and 1 guest/sub

Great talk’s Dr. Joe & Lisa – Both of you gave great information and are professionals in your field

Next week education will be from Dr. Joe & Lisa

Next week’s speaker will be Chris P.  (we are going to 1 speaker per week)

Be sure to set up 1 on 1’s to grow everyone’s business



Saturday & Sunday – Rochester Home & Garden Show

Saturday – Monte Carlo Night to benefit the Hospeace House Tickets available $50 each – I WILL BE THERE

Saturday – Chris P will be playing Towpath café

Monday – Poker @ Strowe Hotel & Casino 7pm-till

April 1 – SOHO Show

May 14 – CNB Business Expo 8-1:15 Woodcliff