Meeting Minutes – 3/12/15

Today was a great meeting CTN, at 7am we had 5 members standing in the cold and a few in their cars…

Attendance was very light today and we did not have a single sub or visitor.  If you know you will not be able to make a meeting PLEASE try to get a sub!!

Great talk’s Jeremy & Brian

Michelle, thank you for addressing some ideas to help us move in the right direction and grow

Eric will officially be taking the roll of our visitor host and welcome each and every guest upon arrival at the door and provide them with some meeting information

Next week education will be from Jeremy AND Brian

Next week’s speakers are scheduled to be Dr. Joe & Lisa – Send them topics you would like to have addressed

Be sure to set up 1 on 1’s to grow everyone’s business



Saturday – St. Patrick’s Day Parade downtown

Friday/Saturday – Michelle’s friend will be playing live, see her for more details

March 21 – Monte Carlo Night to benefit the Hospeace House Tickets available $50 each

March 21 – Chris P will be playing Towpath café