Meeting Minutes – 3/1/2018

Great meeting this morning CTN!! At 7 AM we had 9 members present.

Congrats to Eric for winning the 7 AM door prize!

Great talk this morning Tom—everyone set up a 1 on 1 with Tom if you haven’t yet to hear more about her business.

Next week’s speaker is Eric.

Next week’s education will be from Tom.

Be sure to set up 1 on 1s!



Where in the world is John French pouring wine?

-3/2: Wine @ Center Ice 7-10 PM

-3/9: All Seasons 4-7

-3/10: Ryan’s 2-5

-3/11: Chef’s Challinger 2-5

-3/17: Banger’s and Mash

-3/25 + 3/25: RHBA Home and Garden Show

-4/7: Buff Wine Fest 12-4 and 5-9

-Mar 9 7:30-9:00: Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation Ethy Awards Breakfast at St. John Fisher- see Vicki for more details

-Mar 10-: Rock It Science playing at Argyle Grill

-Mar 17: Rock It Science playing at Bristol Mountain for St. Paddy’s Day

Bangers and Mash at Brew N’ Brats after the band

-Mar 26- Happy hour at the Winfield Grill