Meeting Minutes – 2/12/15

Great meeting team, but at 7am the room was empty…

We had 1 guest today: Dale Campbell – Window Genie (Chris P. please send him an application)

Great job on the poems today, that was a great way to break it up a little bit

Great talk Chris R, I hope you were able to get good information this morning and able to move forward

Next week education will be from Chris R or Trip

Next week’s speakers are scheduled to be Dan & Tom

Set up 1 on 1’s to grow your business, this is all of our responsibility to do this


March 7th – Boy Scout Troop 163 Pasta Dinner for Compton Baker, St, Rita Parish 1008 Maple Dr. 4-7

March 21 – Monte Carlo Night to benefit the Hospeace House

Be careful of falling ice, I had to deal with this yesterday…

Falling Ice