Meeting Minutes – 12/22/2016

This was our last meeting that will count toward 4th quarter attendance…..  Winners Identified at our 1/5/17 Meeting By Tara.

Jim, Tony, Damon and Bob Met at PourHouse for a Beer on Friday 1/17/16.

Jeremy won the 7 am Gift from Tom a gift card to Donnellys!

We had  about 12 referral’s… which are in the Brief case for the VP.  We had many one on ones!!

30 second infomercial asked for specific referral and what you are thankful for with out repeating.

NEXT MEETING:  RICKIES Rest, in Fairport on Main Street on 12/29/16 at 8am….

1/5/17 speaker will be Tony.

1/5/17 education will be from Tom.



1/21/17 RamahannaqualtimusOrin60BirthdayParty at Argyle Grill !!

August 10, 11 Leadership Conference (Information and Signup information)