Meeting Minutes – 12/14/2017

Great meeting this morning CTN!! At 7 AM we had 5 members and 1 guest present.

We had 3 visitors today: Todd Metcalfe with Trans World Systems

Kyle Palmer and his business partner Chris with CSUA Repair Center

Congrats to Chad for winning the 7 AM door prize!

Great talk this morning Dr. Joe—everyone be sure check your feet for fungi.

Next week’s speaker is Mike.

Next week’s education will be from Dr. Joe.

Be sure to set up 1 on 1s!



-I forgot to write down when, but presumably tomorrow: John pouring wine at Ryan’s in Canandaigua

-Dec 22: Come Home for the Holidays in Fairport

-NYE: Rock It Science playing at Bristol Mountain

-Jan 11: Benefit Concert for the Hospeace House at Brew N Brats

-Jan 13: Ramahanakwanamas Party at the Argyle Grill at 7. Rock It Science is playing, starting at 8. $15/person, which pays for food and 1 drink