Meeting Minutes – 12/1/2016

Great meeting this morning CTN!!  We were light at 7 AM with 4 members and 2 subs present.

Congrats to me for winning the 7 AM door prize!!

We had 2 subs today-  Shawn Sheehan subbing for Jeremy

Chad Pino subbing for Orin

Thank you Eric for your great talk this morning—it was great to see pictures of your trip and CONGRATS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT!!

Next week’s speaker will be Jeremy.

Next week’s education will be Eric.

Be sure to set up 1 on 1s!


-Jan 14- Rock-It Science playing at Bristol Mountain

-Jan 21- Orin’s 65th Birthday and Chrismahanaquanzakkah Party @ Argyle


-John is pouring wine at:

-4 seasons spirits-  Friday at 5

-Seneca Lodge Brew Fest-  also Friday at 5 (2 places at once, nice job John!)