Meeting Minutes – 12/16/2021

Great meeting this morning!


Meeting Recap

⏰ 7AM Club: Michelle, Todd, Jeremy, Tony, Chad, John F., Eric, Chris P., Jim

🏆 Congrats to Todd for winning the 7 AM door prize!

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦  Attendance: 96% – Great showing to end the year!!


🤝 Subs & Guests:



Remember we have a 2 week break until our next meeting!  We will tentatively be meeting at Riki’s at 7:30 next week for an informal breakfast.  Attendance not required, but encouraged!


Next Meeting (1/6/2022!!)


🗣️ Speaker will be Jim

💡 Educator will be Vicki


📅 Announcements & Events



  • Today at 4:00:  Happy hour at Pour House
  • Now-December 17th (or until 10,000 applicants):  Equitable Scholarship for HS seniors
  • Sunday 4-6:  SERIOUS gongs!!  Sound journey with Chris at Movement Yoga downtown
  • Michael is now a corporate sponsor for the Pirate Toy Fund—see him for more details
  • January 8 at 6 PM:  Ramahanakwanamas Party!
    • Location:  Ferrari’s in East Rochester
    • $30 reservation fee—when you show up, you will receive your $30 back
    • We will also do a white elephant gift exchange; anyone that wants to participate, please bring a $25 gift
    • Spouses/significant others are welcome