Meeting Minutes – 10/27/2016

Great meeting this morning CTN!!  At 7 AM we had 7 members and 2 subs present!  Overall we had 17 members present.

Congrats to John for winning the 7 AM door prize!!

3 visitors/subs today:

  • Theresa Oschmann from Send Out Cards (subbing for Jeremy)
  • Cindi Crowley from Sales 360 Plus (subbing for Eric)
  • Brittany Kahle, D.C. of Kahle Chiropractic (invited by Tara)

Thank you Damon for your great talk this morning—make sure you set up a 1 on 1 to get to know Damon, if you haven’t already!!

Next week’s speaker will be Chris R.

Next week’s education will be Damon.

Be sure to set up 1 on 1s!



John is pouring wine at:

  • Lisa’s Liquor barn NEXT Friday at 4

This Saturday, Oct 29th!!- Halloween party at Argyle Grill; Rock It Science will be playing