Meeting Minutes – 1/10/2019

Hello CTN! Great meeting this morning!
At 7am we had only 6 members present, but given the weather that wasn’t too shaby. Let’s all make sure we’re early for next week’s meeting!
We had one guest today, Ryan Ramage, Commercial Lending Accounts Manager with GRB, guest of Bob Ruhland.

Thank you to Chad for delving into auto and umbrella insurance and answering all of our questions! Everyone be sure to setup a 1-on-1 with Chad  to to learn how you can help grow his business!
Thank you to Orin for helping educate us on the signs of when and how it may be time to sever relations with a client(s).

(Perhaps to be followed by a How-To next week by Chad?)

Next Meeting
🗣️ Speaker will be Bob Ruhland!
💡 Educator will be Chad Pino!
In the meantime, be sure to setup 1-on-1’s!

Announcements & Events

RAMAHANKWANIMAS Party – 6pm, January 12, 2019 @ B-Side Cafe in Fairport
A-la-carte menu! There will be music!
After-party @ Argyle Grill
Rochester Business Ethics Foundation ETHIE Awards Application Orientation – 1/19 – 7AM @ St. John Fischer College
2/7 Midvale Construction – We will be holding an informal meeting at Rikki’s in Fairport.
PLEASE CHECK THE SPEAKER SCHEDULE. Speaker dates from 2/7 forward have been pushed back 1 week!!