Make Decisions Faster

Seth Godin is a business and marketing guru who describes himself as “a writer, a speaker and an agent of change”. This past weekend he posted a thought-provoking article titled How to go faster. In his words, it all comes down to “decision hygiene”:

  1. Make decisions faster: unless you’re gathering useful data, make the decision and move on.
  2. On a given project, make the most expensive and time-consuming decisions first. Make sure key stakeholders are in the loop at appropriate times.
  3. Make decisions once and move on. The only exception is if important new data comes to light.
  4. Only discuss the decision with people who will either help you make a better decision or will keep your decision from being overturned by someone else later.
  5. Some decisions don’t matter. Some decisions are important. Know the difference and for the ones that don’t matter, make the decision quickly and move on.

Get comfortable making decisions faster and you will go faster.

You can read the complete article on Seth’s blog.