60 Second Presentation Challenge

This exercise is meant to help our CTN team be more creative and provide a specific description of particular products or services you could offer as it relates to this scenario. This is your mission, should you decide to accept it.  Read the following story to incorporate in your 60-Second Presentations:

“As a member of CTN, what services or products can you provide to help Richard and Lynette either personally or professionally? During your 60-Second Presentation, please describe how you can help this couple.”

“Richard and Lynette Miller are engaged to be married. They have scheduled their wedding for 10 months from today’s date. They have begun to discuss the specifics of the wedding, but have not finalized anything at this point. They have decided to take a two-week honeymoon, but have not determined where.”

“Their joint annual income is $104,000. Richard is the purchasing agent for a large manufacturing firm in the city. His job requires reviewing various proposals for equipment and professional services within the organization. Lynette is self-employed as a clothing designer and manufacturer. Her firm has been in business for six years. She makes all decisions regarding administrative and marketing matters.”

“Richard and Lynette have many hobbies. They like snow-skiing, water-skiing, backpacking, River-rafting, and golfing. They plan to start a family as soon as possible. They are interested in saving money to help their children through college, and they plan to invest jointly after they are married.”

Good luck.